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Our radiator covers

Efficient heat flow with a radiator cover

A Jali radiator cover provides a finishing touch to a room or hallway by transforming an old radiator into an attractive design feature. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom-made radiator covers, you can make your design fit any radiator - even those hard-to-reach ones in corners and alcoves.

The clever design of the Jali made-to-measure cabinet pushes the warm air forwards into the room so that it isn't lost behind the curtains. The front panel is removable providing easy access to the radiator valves.

Remember, each of the Jali made-to-measure radiator covers can be produced to your exact specification. And if you don't see the exact design you want here, simply choose one that most closely matches what you need and then tailor it to suit.

Take a look at some of the Jali made-to-measure radiator cover designs here. Remember you can change the design, sizes or detail so that the radiator cover matches your needs exactly.

Measuring a radiator across the valves

How to measure

Measuring is easy. In most cases you need to measure just three sizes of your radiator as shown in the diagram here. The cabinet itself will need to be bigger - but if you use the Guide in the Jali Designer, it will work this out for you automatically.

Sizes of the radiator itself
Clearances inside the cabinet for air circulation

Customise any feature!

Size options

  • Width, height and depth of cabinet all fully adjustable;
  • Skirting board height (and style) adjustable to match your room;
  • Widths up to 3 metres wide; two cabinets can be joined together to increase this.

Style options

  • Three styles of top board moulding;
  • Four patterns on the uprights either side of the front panel;
  • Fourteen decorative grille options;
  • Four skirting styles, each with or without Torus moulding.

Fitting options

  • Standard fitting for normal cabinets away from corners;
  • Side fitting options on either side (to fit into corners or across alcoves);
  • Back rail (running underneath the top board next to the wall) for securing cabinet to wall;
  • Side panel inset is adjustable with side fittings to cope with particularly deep skirting boards;
  • Extendable top board (for window sills etc);
  • 18mm thick top board option (normally 30mm) where space is limited;
  • Adjustable skirting board height to match your room.

Corner and alcove fitting

A cabinet fitted across an alcove

Most radiators are positioned in the middle of walls, well away from the corners of the room. However, if your radiator is close to a corner or filling most of a thin alcove, a standard cover could leave a narrow gap between the body of the cabinet and the wall itself. For a really professional finish you can make use of the side fitting option to get rid of this gap.

In an alcove, you'd measure the width across the two walls (not across the skirting boards) and we'd make the cabinet at that exact width. For a radiator that's in the corner of the room, we'd make the cabinet fit against the wall on one side, but as normal on the opposite "open" end.

How it works

How corner fittings work

In a standard radiator cover, the top and the skirting board both overhang the body of the cabinet (shown in this picture on the left). With a side fitting option, the front of the cabinet is extended so that it's flush with the skirting and the top board. The front skirting board can be cut to match the room skirting, and the cabinet can then be pushed flat against the wall so that there's no gap visible.

If the wall isn't completely straight, you might still see a gap in some places - so, for a really professional finish, this piece can be cut (using a jigsaw) so that it's scribed in exactly with the unevenness of the wall itself.


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