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Our Service

We undertake to supply bespoke DIY furniture kits to accurately represent the design specification. This specification may be derived directly from a customer’s bespoke configuration via our website, or as specified within a quote we have sent for a customer’s approval, which includes a technical drawing. If we have provided a quote, we are committing (subject to approval) to provide a product as per this exact specification, irrespective of any and all preceding dialogue. It is the customer’s responsibility to check through this document carefully prior to approval, to confirm they are satisfied with any design compromises required by our manufacturing processes. Approval, whether recorded verbally or in writing, is binding.


Jali cannot take responsibility for the intended use of the furniture products it supplies. It is the customer’s responsibility to make reasonable estimations about the size, weight and intended placement.

Assembly, Fixing and Finishing

We cannot take responsibility for the assembly, fitting and finishing of Jali products, which are provided solely as DIY products, and may require technical expertise to manage safely. Jali kits may variably include large components, small fixings, and may necessitate the use of tools; all of which may present hazards. We will provide any help and advice, but it is the customer’s responsibility to seek expert assistance if they are not confident in undertaking DIY tasks in a safe manner. We must assume a degree of technical proficiency and common sense, and recommend that during the assembly, fitting and finishing stages, customers should keep the work area clear of any obstacles, small children, pets and distractions.

N.B. Furniture must be securely assembled and fixed in place (e.g. to a wall), especially if small children may be present. Jali customers must take responsibility for, and ensure the ongoing safe use of, their furniture.


Order Acknowledgement and Progress

Orders placed on the website are collected and logged onto our production system automatically. When a web order is logged into the system you will be sent confirmation by email. If your order is not showing as logged-in then you have not sent the order successfully. Once an order and payment is received it could immediately proceed into production where parts will begin to be manufactured. You can monitor the progress of your order and its manufacture in Order history.

Order Errors

Once we receive your order it is passed to our automated manufacturing system and some parts could be made within an hour of your order, hence the need for you to check dimensions, design and colour carefully. If we make a mistake we will replace items free of charge as quickly as we can. However, if you find you have made a mistake we will advise you on how to solve it and will make replacement parts as fast as possible but we may, at our discretion, ask you to pay a cost depending on what is involved.


Our preferred terms of business are online credit or debit card payment at time of order. Online card authorisation is performed automatically when you confirm your order. Normally you will be advised immediately if there is a problem. If you wish you can select ‘Omit’ at the payment method stage and send a cheque or call us with your credit card details. However, this will delay the progress of your order. When paying this way please wait for our order confirmation email before calling so you can quote the Work Order reference number. Also please note your order will not be progressed until payment is made. If you must use a cheque please make it payable to Jali Ltd.


Whenever a design is created or changed the price is calculated using a sophisticated system which takes into account the exact work, time and materials required to make your particular item. Therefore if you alter the size by even a small amount the price may change. Sometimes it may appear to “jump” but this is usually because more fixings or materials have been introduced (for example, another set of hinges on doors in a cupboard). Prices quoted within the Jali Designer are valid for 90 days. If items are ordered after this period they will be automatically re-calculated at the time of order. From time to time, as we update our raw material costs, our selling prices will change. Our policy is to do this frequently so we never have large price changes. All prices on this website supersede all previous publications.


Once we have received and accepted your order it cannot normally be cancelled as we may start to manufacture your parts immediately. Parts made which are no longer required cannot be economically reused and can only be destroyed. However at our discretion, depending on how far advanced your order is, we may accept cancellation and refund part or all of the order value.


We do not offer returns, since Jali bespoke furniture is made to your exact specifications.


Delivery Cost

Deliveries are free of charge to most of mainland UK.

Exceptional areas are subject to unique delivery pricing and periods which depend on a few different factors. These prices can vary quite widely, but we merely pass on the cost. The price will be calculated automatically during checkout.

Foreign deliveries will require an extra surcharge; please let us know what you’d like to order so we can establish the delivery cost.

Production and Standard Delivery Time

All made-to-measure units are designed and manufactured to your exact sizes once you have placed your order. This normally takes around two to four weeks from receipt of your order with payment; however, this depends on the items ordered, their sizes and paint finishes. Our lead time may become longer during busy periods; please refer to the notice on our home page for ongoing estimates. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to produce certain items more quickly.

Once your product has been manufactured, we will arrange a delivery date with you. Your order will usually be made within 2-4 weeks, however this may change depending on size and finish. On occasion, we might change this accordingly to suit the circumstances, in which case please always refer to our homepage and/or checkout page for the most up-to-date delivery notices.

To minimise the risk of damage, our preferred method is to use our own private delivery: directly from Jali to your doorstep. We have set days for each UK region, which we shall discuss with you. Alternatively, if the upcoming date is unsuitable, we may use a third party courier. All deliveries by our drivers will have a two hour delivery window which you will be informed of by SMS the day before delivery.

Call When Ready

This service is the same as the Standard but instead of despatching your order as soon as it is complete, we hold it in our stores and telephone you to arrange despatch. If we are unable to contact you it will delay the order. We can normally hold parcels for up to five working days but we reserve the right to charge on a per-day basis after that period. Please tick the box on the order form if you require this service.

Receiving Your Order

Please check that the parcels are addressed to you and that all your parcels have been delivered – if not ask the driver to check the van. See the text for the number of parcels in the delivery. Your parcels may be large, heavy and/or cumbersome and you may be asked to help to move the parcels. The delivery service will take the parcels to the door of the building (or as close as is reasonably possible) but not necessarily to, or inside, the door of your residence. If access to the door is restricted (for example if you live in a block of flats or within a traffic-restricted zone) it is your responsibility to tell us this when you place the order, as it may affect the delivery.

Damaged Parcels

Sometimes we have to use a 3rd party courier to get your goods to you. With all of these deliveries, you would be advised to enter “Goods unchecked for transit damage” on signing for receipt of your delivery. Photos should always be taken of damaged outer boxes and the goods inside.

Damaged or Missing Parts

We will replace genuine damaged or missing parts as soon as possible, free of charge. However, we are unable to accept liability for any consequential losses. It’s therefore very important to check that you are satisfied with the order before arranging a fitter or builder. Please do not assemble your item until we have resolved the issue.

Failed Delivery

If the van driver is unable to deliver because you were out they will leave you a card advising of the attempted delivery. If they do this please call the number on the card as soon as possible (not us) to rearrange delivery. If the van is still in your area they will try to return that day to make the delivery. They will only attempt delivery three times; then they will return the goods to us. This will incur a return cost for us and a re-delivery cost for you the customer.

Late Delivery

We will always do our very best to get deliveries to you without inconvenience, and our performance record is very good. However, due to the nature of the service we offer and the delivery companies, we cannot guarantee the delivery time or day, so please do not arrange to have fitters or builders waiting for a delivery. Therefore, if you use our services, you must accept these circumstances. We are unable to accept liability for any consequential losses.

Terms, conditions and prices are subject to change without notice. E&OE. Copyright © Jali Ltd 1993, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2008, 2017.

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