Colours that look even more vibrant against smooth white surfaces, or monochrome accents contrasting with real wood veneer for a striking impact? Whatever delights your eye and floats your design boat, Jali can help.

Jali bespoke wall unit

So, once you’ve decided on the kind of furniture you want, and have measured up and started designing, don’t forget that all-important finish. You’ll be living with the results of your efforts for years to come (our products are of very high quality) so it’s worth spending some time getting it right.

Style is such a personal thing, but there are a few tried-and-trusted design tips that can really help, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the advice that is now so readily available. Clever use of contrast is one I particularly like. For example, pale and pristine (above) is a great background for a mix of colours and textures. It’s understated and doesn’t draw attention to itself, but it has its own quiet charm…

detail of Jali bespoke dresser in walnut real wood veneer

On the other hand, wood veneers, as shown on the left, have their own unique patterning and glow, so less tends to be more when it comes to adding accessories.

Keeping it simple stops the eye getting totally confused. It lets everything breathe and have its own space.

The last thing you want in any interior is a messy, confused jumble of shapes, surfaces and colours. Now, don’t get me wrong; this does not mean a sterile, rigid approach to decorating that banishes individuality and quirkiness. Yuk.

But a careful and pared-back selection of the items you put on a striking piece of furniture like the one above really enhances the natural beauty of the wood. It also allows one to  complement the other. For instance, the contrast of the shine of the glazed ceramics and the matte surface of the wood, as well as the colour contrast, allows each element to get its own fair share of attention.

Often these differences are quite subtle, but they all make their mark, often in ways that don’t register very obviously. But, overall, these contrasts can make all the difference between a room that feels good to be in, and one that feels unsettling and not very welcoming.

So next time you jump onto the Jali Designer, try out the possibilities it offers. Priming or real wood veneers are available at the click of a button. Or if you would like us to provide a professional top coating service before your furniture leaves our workshop, ring us on 01227 833333 for more details. As they say, the devil is definitely in the detail!