Everybody needs a wardrobe. Well, apart from the Yanomamo people of the Amazon Basin, as they don’t actually wear clothes. And possibly not hermits, whose need for a frequent change of attire is, by definition, quite limited. Although somewhere to hang a spare cloak might be useful on occasion…

For the rest of us, a wardrobe designed just for our space and needs can make a huge difference. Yes, it needs to look good on the outside – and Jali wardrobes certainly do. When it comes to picking a style, you have heaps of choice, from exotically decorative to minimalist, to suit any taste. Wardrobes can be freestanding or fitted against a side wall or between two walls. They can go round an inside or an outside corner, or even around three sides of a room – you can use separate adjoining wardrobe designs to achieve this, on the free online Jali Designer. There is also a choice of inset or overlay doors, as well as primed, painted or veneered finishes.

But inside is where the real magic happens. You can have single or double hanging rails, shelves, dividers and drawers, all chosen and positioned by you to use your available space in the most efficient way. Long and short, skirts, shirts, shoes, hats, bags, ties and jackets – you can work out exactly what will go where and make it all fit perfectly. If the depth of your wardrobe is limited, you can even have face-on rails.

The real beauty of the Jali modular wardrobe system is that you configure the number, size and position of all the units and components, to create unique storage that’s perfect for you and the way you live. Having the right size and arrangement of storage space, especially in the bedroom, can make a huge difference to daily life. For example, freshly ironed clothes don’t get crushed, and you can see exactly what you’ve got and what it will go with.

Having room for everything, with no space wasted, means a tidier bedroom (and fewer excuses for mess!), a streamlined look and a lot less stress all round. So if getting ready is currently more panic than pleasure in your home, we’re here to help.

You can provide even more storage space with matching Jali cupboards, drawer units and shelving. And we can now supply soft-close drawers for units like the one shown on the left. This is an internal unit designed to fit exactly inside a wardrobe section, and the drawers can be graduated, as shown here, or evenly spaced. Contact us to check whether the soft-close option would be suitable for the drawer units you have in mind.

So, to turn a muddle into a marvel, just go to the Jali wardrobe designer and read through our helpful guide before you start. This will give you a good idea of the possibilities. Our modular wardrobe range is a very sensible, affordable answer to insufficient – or badly designed – storage.

And knowing how the female of the species can end up taking up a bit more than her fair share of the available wardrobe space (yes, I’m guilty!) a new, spacious, purpose-designed Jali unit might mean the males in the household getting back some decent-sized space of their own… maybe!