white Jali dresser

Ah, dark, velvety red roses! Yes, we’re a romantic bunch at Jali. Any excuse and we’re ready with the flowers, the fizz and the favourite restaurant table.

Now before we all get carried away, I’ve never believed in the idea of ‘soulmates’. We are all individuals, and believing the opposite can lead to the wearing of matching jumpers – and much, much worse. (More mature readers will remember Howard and Hilda, and shudder. Younger ones will find the evidence here; please use this information responsibly.)

white Jali dresser

Tolerance of a partner’s fads and foibles can go a long way in creating a harmonious household. So a well-judged gift of some stylish storage, customised to suit a loved one’s hobbies or collections, is our top tip for a truly thoughtful and yes, romantic, Valentine’s gesture.

Jali customised cupboard

Whether you create a large dresser with storage space, as in this example, or a stand-alone cupboard, bookcase or some Flexi shelving, you can customise your products so they fit your space, and needs, exactly.

(Or the needs of your loved one, obviously. To do this, it’s a good idea to get their ideas and input. Mind-reading is an overrated skill, in our humble opinion.)

The same goes for our brilliant wardrobes; these can even be designed to go round corners if required. For fashion addicts, there is nothing more wonderful than having space and to spare for copious collections of frocks, bags, skirts and shoes.

Recent events in my own family have convinced me, if I needed convincing, that kindness is the essential element in our relations with each other. Recognising the need we all have for a space in which we can keep treasured things is a big part of that. And it acknowledges the right we all have for our own interests and ideas to be respected. For me, it’s an aspect of one of the words the Greeks have for love: agape, which I’ve always understood as meaning “to want the best for other people, to make them happy and fulfilled”.

Given that, I’d like the Valentine’s effect to extend to everyone, partnered-up or not. So let’s go to it – and there’s absolutely nothing to stop you designing and buying one for yourself, is there? Thought not – race you to the Jali shopping trolley!