A home can never have too much storage – it’s the law! With Jali‘s brilliant online design tools, you can put shelving for absolutely anything, almost anywhere. In fact, you could say that being on the shelf has never been so desirable… With our help, you can shelve your storage problems for good, save money and make your home look wonderful, all in a few simple steps.

Living room dresser and bookcase made by Jali

As well as our bookcases and Flexi shelving, we’ve got a new, online luxury furniture designer, available at the exclusive link here. This makes it easy to combine shelf-space with cupboards and soft-close drawers, to create elegant units, like the one below, that solve all your storage problems, in style. And because you are buying directly from us, the manufacturers, you’ll definitely save money; as we don’t have middlemen or retail costs, we don’t pass those costs onto you. Sweet!

Custom Jali dresser with cupboards, drawers and shelving

We can also make you happy by providing a top-coat for most of the Jali products you buy. Less fuss, mess and hassle all round, and it means your furniture will be ready to use, and enjoy, that much faster. Now if that isn’t a good reason to fall in love with Jali, I don’t know what is…