In a world of mass-produced, standard-issue furniture, Jali products stand out for all the right reasons. And you can make them even more distinctive with our expert paint finishes in a wide range of colours, from demure to dynamic.

Of course you can ask us to prime your furniture and then paint it yourself. But if you’d like us to do all the hard work, first design and save your piece(s) on the Jali website, then contact us for full details of the Jali paint shades and to get a quotation.

Jali paint shades

Before we chose our final range of 24 shades (above), I tried all the shortlisted paint samples against our real wood veneers, in oak and walnut, to make sure they looked good together. As the combination of ultra-smooth, painted surfaces and the natural patterns and hues of real wood is so effective and popular, we wanted to be sure that all the possible colour matches would be great ones.

Jali blue bespoke dresser

Our paints, which have a 15% sheen, are specially chosen for quality of application, finish and durability.

But in years to come, if you fancy a change of colour scheme, you can paint your cherished piece again, knowing that your furniture will look just as glorious in another shade, and will enjoy another lease of life.

And with the explosion of colours, textures and custom finishes that we’ve seen in the paint world in recent years, there really are no limits to the effects and the impact that painted furniture can have.

If you start with high-quality furniture to begin with, you know you can look forward to many enjoyable years of ringing the changes on the home front. And all for the cost of a few pots of paint – it’s amazing what you can do when you put your hand to it…