Got those crazy, can’t-stand-it, kitchen storage blues? Can’t fit standard cupboards in those empty but awkward spaces? Shelves too high/low/deep/shallow or just plain inconvenient? Drawers sticking or just not up to taking the load?

In our experience, you can live with less than ideal kitchen storage for just so long, then you snap. Preferably not at anyone in particular, just at the whole “lack-of-places-to-put-anything” scenario. And you never know – your nearest and dearest may be hatching their own cunning plans to lessen the daily irritations and bouts of cursing. You know, the ones brought on by unreachable casserole dishes and worktops crammed with stuff that won’t fit in anywhere else…

Jali bespoke cupboards and drawer units

Our advice? Just b-r-e-a-t-h-e, relax and let Jali take the strain. The great thing is, we’ve been solving problems like this for so long, it’s now second nature to us. Nip over to our website and Bob’s your designer, carpenter and all-round fairy godperson.

One of our canny customers got to grips with her kitchen crisis by doing that very thing. It was a lovely old house, one with “character” in estate agents’ parlance, and a somewhat quirky layout.

Such properties don’t lend themselves to standard-size kitchen cabinetry, and so it proved. It also had “features”, including ceiling beams, alcoves (of different widths, of course) and charming nooks, crannies and odd bits of space that no off-the-shelf furniture would fit. A nice problem to have, you could say, but a problem none the less.

Tall Jali cupboard besides kitchen fridge

We came to the rescue with our unique and brilliant Jali Designer. A very tall, very thin cupboard to fit the tall, thin space beside the fridge? No problem.

Wall cupboards to fit either side of the extractor hood (the fan isn’t exactly in the middle, so each will be a different width)? Ditto.

Our customer also designed drawer units, with graduated drawers, plus two large larder cupboards for the dining area, to fit into alcoves (of different widths, natch).

Every aspect of the design, including number, length and depth of shelves and drawers, the style of doors and height of skirting was decided by the people who would live with the furniture and use it every day. It all added up to a very chic, practical and stylish ensemble that fitted the feel and personality of the house and its family perfectly. Here’s the double cupboard combo:

Blue Jali bespoke cupboards fitted in alcoves

With the Jali Designer, most of our pieces can be made to fit seamlessly into a space with no ugly gaps showing. Just look for the “Position” button, choose one of the three side-fitting options, then choose the “Inset” button to change the position of the side-walls of your item.

So successful were we in banishing our customer’s kitchen blues, she even chose the colour for her new units. What a lovely note to end on… aah!