Shutter up and Sell, Sell Sell!

Looming over the Scottish capital is Edinburgh Castle, home to Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny (used in the coronation of Scottish rulers). Meet a Scottish ruler who was destined to sell his very own castle…

Jali Made to Measure Decorative Shutters in the window

Jali jewels on display!

When our customer Elliot told us that his Made to Measure Decorative Shutters from Jali helped him to make the sale on his lovely house, we were suitably chuffed! Why shutters? Elliot felt that:

Due to the size of the windows, Decorative Shutters worked a lot better than curtains

We agree that long drapes would have very much ‘over governed’ this spacious room. Curtains can be sumptuous and extravagant, or wispy and ethereal, but this isn’t the look Elliot had in mind. Decorative Shutters, however, have a completely different feel. They give the option of privacy and light – and what a radiance of light that can be! With sunlight streaming through the fretwork, the patterns that emerge in the room are beautiful and glorious. It needs to be seen to be believed, but the ornamental shadows can delight in a way no curtain could.

Of course privacy is paramount, but they deliver in this arena too. Without the need for full screening, Elliot chose to design his shutters to a more graceful 3/4 height. The Jali designer allows customers to create their decorative shutters to perfectly match their room, by easily adjusting the size and style.

Jali Decorative Shutters help complete the room

Jali Decorative Shutters help complete the room

How did the shutters help to sell the house?

Simply put, the house had to look inviting and alluring to secure a fortunate buyer. The interiors are attractive and spacious; a charming and private haven from the outside world.  And of the shutters in particular, Elliot says:

They added to the appeal of the house and likely helped us sell. They really made the room and screened the street off, but still allowed really good light

Perfect for just £332.80 each pair!

Jali Decorative Shutters as seen from the street

Mine’s the one with the pretty shutters!

With decorative shutters in mind for his window treatment, Elliot discovered Jali via Google. He set about creating them on the Jali 3D design tool, and has since told us that it was “really easy to use the wizard to design them”. Elliot opted for an intricate and handsome fretwork in a gleaming white top coated finish to match the frames, he described as “unique” and “striking”. His design allowed 2 leaves to concertina neatly within each side recess, with a central opening to reveal the view.

Interior view of Jali Made to Measure Decorative Shutters

Design for Dappled Delight

Were they easy to fix to the wall?

Elliot found the Decorative Shutters were really easy to fit himself. He says the walls of the 1890 building weren’t completely straight, which did require some tweaking, but this is to be expected in the period property. Supplied ready-hinged to a simple fixing strip, a few screws into the wall or window frame and the job’s done. Shutters fixed!

108 Ferry Road Shutters

Going, going, GONE! First the Shutters, then the Sale… and now for the next Castle.

Ready to design Your Own Made to Measure Decorative Shutters?