Interior Designer and TV Personality Sophie Robinson was a judge in BB2’s The Great Interior Design Challenge and is now making waves with her own flagship show, Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson on Channel 5. Sophie enjoys bright colours, stark contrasts and turning it up to eleven! Jali was ultimately featured in two different home makeovers in the series, one of which was titled The Victoriana Moroccan Conservatory Tea Room.

Sophie showcasing Jali fretwork, with an expression that says ‘let’s go all in this time!’

The Jali range offers a variety of fretwork patterns and styles, from the simple and geometric to the floral and scrolly. And quite ideally, a Moroccan inspired fretwork too! This provided a signature motif for Sophie to transform an old dining room into a blend of Moroccan Riad with Victorian orangery, building on homeowner Julie’s love for Victorian architecture and courtyard garden spaces.

In the mood for Royal-Tea!

The mood board bursts into life as Sophie’s dream takes shape: “Queen Victoria is in Morocco, comfortably drinking her tea”. Undaunted in her signature style, she adds flora and crittal windows to Arabic shapes and tassels, with a doily-style table cloth successfully blending the two worlds. We’re left with a harmonious mix; a decorative extravaganza of maximalism, fusion and fun.

Sheik-ing things up!

Jali fretwork has been installed inside the pre-existing cupboards to completely transform their look. The revitalised cupboards majestically flank the fireplace, with the earthy shade of fretwork accented by the green frame, create an opulent presence in the room. Miraculously and skilfully (thank you Sophie!), they don’t fight for attention – rather, they ‘smoulder’ in their space and simply belong.

Red Fretwork Doors in Cupboard

The Doors…Light My Fire!

Queen Victoria has not arrived for her tea as yet but she will be delighted when she does. With each sip, she will marvel at the oh-so unconservative conservatory, and say to the Prince of Morocco opposite, ‘We are amused’. The Prince, as he savours his Maghrebi mint brew, will smile and agree wholeheartedly. The dream will end sweetly as these two figureheads take in the remarkable décor, luxuriating into the afternoon – and Sophie will wake up full of inspiration for her next task…

And meanwhile, you can create your own bespoke fretwork to transform your space!