I’ve been mulling over the most popular New Year’s ambitions, thanks to The Guardian‘s Family section. The other weekend, it kindly published the Top 10 modern New Year resolutions, in case we hadn’t got round to doing our own list. (Or hadn’t realised we were modern.)

So here we go: 1. Declutter the house; 2. Save more money; 3. Try new places instead of the same old bars/restaurants; 4. Read more books; 5. Redecorate house/room; 6. Take up a new hobby; 7. Sell old stuff I don’t need; 8. Visit five places I have never been; 9. Vow to be positive; 10. stop complaining so much.*

Jali bespoke wall unit

This immediately struck me as a very Jali-style list, and I’ll explain why. Take the first one, “Declutter the house”. It’s right at the top, so it must be on most people’s minds. (It was even on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this morning, so THAT’S how topical and important it is.)

Obviously, if you are interested in Jali , stands to reason you are interested in your  home. Many of you, like me, also like your stuff. We’ve chosen it, paid for it, been given it or inherited it (if we’re lucky). But we get very uncomfortable if it starts to overwhelm us, and we don’t have enough places to put it.

Jali can sort this; it’s what it was invented for. We can help you transform chaos into calm, stylishly.

So, onward and, er, downward. We’re now at 2:”Save more money”. Jali prices are so moderate, we’ve had emails from customers saying they can’t understand how we do what we do for the cost. What can we say: guilty as (very reasonably) charged!

Jali bespoke bookcase

Next, number 4, “Read more books” and 6, “Take up a new hobby”. Great ideas both. But more books mean extra bookshelves and bookcases.

Also, hobbies usually involve more, not less, stuff, such as tools, equipment and supplies. And these often need extra cupboards and drawers. Guess what? Jali has all that nailed.

The fifth on the list, “Redecorate house/room” is a natural for us. If you need new furniture, you’ll find something you need on our products page – and then you can make it fit exactly using our genius Jali Designer. And as for no. 7, “Sell old stuff I don’t need”, we’re all for re-selling, recycling, upcycling or donating. As long as it doesn’t go into landfill, we’re happy…

Nos. 3 and 8? Well, with all the money you’ll be saving, you might well be tempted to try out those new bars and restaurants that have sprung up since you last looked. And possibly more likely to visit five new places further afield, even…

As for number 9, being positive is definitely, positively part of Jali’s ethos. After all, we’re pioneers of 21st century manufacturing in the UK, so we need to be!

And finally, we’ve reached 10: seriously, “stop complaining so much”? Steady on people, we’re British. Doing a rant, moan, whinge or quiet bit of “tutting” is in our DNA; it’s what makes us who we are. But complaining only when justified is good. And in (very British) moderation… Good-oh.

*Source: OVO Energy Survey survey 2014.