We’ve added a series of short videos to guide you through creating your made to measure radiator cover. Jali’s free online designer is the most powerful and versatile on the web, intended for anyone serious about improving their living space. Sometimes, you need to know what’s possible to get the best out of it. To follow along with the videos, jump into the Radiator Cover designer.

Create Your Own Radiator Cover

A Jali radiator cover provides a finishing touch to a room or hallway by transforming an old radiator into an attractive design feature. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom made bespoke radiator covers, you can make your design fit any radiator – even those hard-to-reach ones in corners and alcoves.

The clever design of the Jali made to measure cabinet pushes the warm air forwards into the room, making your home more energy efficient. The front panel is removable, providing easy access to the radiator valves.

Radiator Cover Finish Options

Jali’s bespoke furniture kits are available in a range of finishes. Options include a palette of premium-quality top-coat paint colours with a satin sheen finish, genuine woodgrain veneer, white primer and natural MDF.

Watch this video to learn more about each type, and how to apply each to your Jali furniture design.

Radiator Cover Size Options

Getting the perfectly sized radiator cover is easy with Jali. In the Jali Designer, just follow the step by step guide where you can enter your radiator sizes, then let Jali do the rest.

A trick to measuring your radiator accurately is to use a book (or any flat object) to help read the tape measure (see the video!)

Radiator Cover Style Options

You can customise many details of your radiator cover in the Jali Designer, to make it truly unique. Under the Style menu, click Grilles to try out some different options. From classic designs and ornate fretwork to more modern styles, there’s something here for everyone.

Radiator Cover Fitting Options

The Jali Designer gives you access to advanced bespoke features that no one else can, to guarantee the perfect solution. Most radiators are positioned in the middle of walls, but Jali offers corner and alcove radiator covers too.

Ready to give it a go? Excellent, Click here.