The Jali Factory in Kent, UK

The Jali Factory in Kent, UK

Jali operates out of a self-contained factory in the Kentish countryside, managed by a small team of local staff keen to keep production going. However, we are wary of the developing situation, and will ensure that all our packaging staff, as well as our delivery drivers and handlers, are all equipped with gloves. All are aware of public health protocol, and receptive to any additional customer requirements during the delivery process. By taking these steps to mitigate risk we fully intend to stay in business, subject to sales, government advice and our suppliers.

We are all faced with great uncertainty over the coming weeks, and it is paramount that we take precautions, i.e. be sensible and look after each other, for the sake of the most vulnerable. Of those who are able, many are already spending more time at home to limit or delay further impact. If isolation elongates or becomes more widespread, we must take seriously our mental health too, and especially on behalf of those more secluded. Along with following all NHS and relevant medical advice therefore, you might also consider turning off the News occasionally, keeping up regular exercise and calling up elderly relatives.

Over the past week, we have been heartened to hear from numerous Jali customers and bloggers taking the opportunity to tackle more DIY projects at home. To address an obvious criticism head on, we understand that this is not a luxury afforded to all those affected, indirectly or otherwise. But for those able, the value of a fun, positive, creative distraction cannot be underestimated. Although never at the expense of the vulnerable, we need to keep busy, and as a country, we need to keep going. We want to stay in business for as long as possible, to support and encourage all the home improvement projects you can throw at us.

As UK commerce begins to stall, not least in the tourism and travel industries, a huge pressure is mounting for countless businesses. The government’s position with regards to small business financial aid is not yet fully established, but one way or another, the economic situation will be extremely difficult and expensive to recover if we can’t keep them afloat. That means that those who are able, insofar as is possible and no more so, need to valiantly keep spending as normal. It does not mean stocking up on essential goods to the detriment of others. Besides ultimately doing the economy no favours, that behaviour is unbecoming of a nation that so recently elected to reclaim its sovereignty and moral values.

That said, we have seen some wonderful displays of appreciation and solidarity for the magnanimous health workers of the UK and Europe. Thank you for all you do. Let’s have some humanity, support one another, stay positive, and do our level best to get on with it.