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You wouldn’t want to dress the same season after season, so why should your home? Turn your home from a cosy winter hideout to a fresh and bright summer home by adding a splash of colour to your furniture. This simple trick can make your home as seasonal and stylish as you!

One great way to do this is through coloured furniture. Furniture is an easy and effective way to bring some optic feng shui to your living space. Now that summer is here, there’s nothing like a bright and fresh colour palette to enhance your furniture’s appearance. So, what colour palettes should you choose to enhance your home’s summer attire?

Pale Blue and Orange

Pale blue and orange works fantastically well by conjuring up days spent at the beach, as a large orange sun begins to set at the end of a fun-filled day.

A Summer in Paris

The combination of red and white can help you reminisce on summer vacations in Paris. Include hints of checked fabric to really get that real Parisian feeling.

Go Floral

There is nothing more summery than a bunch of bright flowers, so why not choose some furniture that resembles your favourite summer bunches?

Blue and Green

Blue and green should never be seen right? Wrong! A light tone of blues and greens can bring the best memories of freshly cut summer grass and a crystal clear sea into your home. Remember to keep to lighter shades to keep that summer feeling!

These four colour palettes will not only bring the summer inside your home, but switching from darker tones to these bright and breezy palettes can make your living space look and feel bigger as well!

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