DIY is dead, according to a recent Guardian article, but at Jali we disagree – we’ve created a new kind of DIY that’s firmly in the 21st century. In The death of DIY: why can’t I do it myself?, Stuart Heritage, son of a plumber, bemoans his own deplorable lack of ability to do even the most basic tasks around the house, let alone tackle a major project. And he blames his kind of uselessness for killing off DIY, epitomised by the announcement that B&Q is closing one in six of its UK stores.

But Jali’s way of doing DIY is different, and doesn’t require access to a giant shed in an industrial park. Instead, all you need to get started is a tape-measure, a pencil and and a computer. (OK, you may need to visit a store to buy a decent tape-measure.) Measure up your space, then design a gorgeous Jali product to fit it. Then, place your order. Wait a bit – generally around two weeks, often less, depending on how busy we are. Couriers will bring your order right to your door – and for most parts of the country it’s a free service.

Now put your Jali kit of parts together, using our detailed set of instructions, complete with diagrams. (Our radiator cabinets even come with personalised instructions, with your name on, produced at the same time as your cabinet kit.)

All the fixings you’ll need will be in the box – we use a simple cam-and-bolt system, and there may be some dowels and screws as well, but you’ll see them all listed, and the holes for them will be pre-drilled.

Anything else? Well, you’ll need a Pozidrive screwdriver (possibly add that to the list, while you’re buying the tape-measure), though a power drill with a screwdriver bit will help you to put the bolts in more quickly.

And voila! You have just done some stonkingly good, 21st century DIY, with no mess, special tools or emergency dashes to A&E. And not only are your housemates/partner/children still speaking to you, they’re praising you to the heavens for your brilliance. (Obviously we can’t guarantee this but the probability is extremely high.)

Classic dresser

Fitted And Fluted!

Chances are you are also feeling very proud of yourself – after all, you’ve designed something fantastic and put it together, as well as saving a huge amount of money. You’ve created a unique piece for the place you live in, and made your life nicer and more organised into the bargain. We’ve heard from many customers over the years, and they often mention the glow they get from their Jali DIY projects, their feeling of pride and achievement.

And despite young Stuart’s self-confessed lack of DIY skills, I bet he could do it himself the Jali way. And in the numerous below-the-line comments his article generated, I found confirmation that, whatever the state of the nation’s practical skills, the desire for home improvement is certainly not dead.

So I leave you with some tips from the comments under the Guardian article. Firstly, “for the non-DIYer, there are 2 things you should definitely have though: WD40 and a roll of duct tape. The first for things that don’t move when they should, the second for things that move when they shouldn’t.”

Secondly, “Start with flat pack furniture and painting, both just require common sense, basic drilling (pictures, curtains) and get pros in for anything more challenging until these are mastered.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves…