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About our shutters

White shutters across a window

Creating a stylish and sumptuous look to any bedroom or living room, these shutters offer decorative privacy and a good alternative to blinds for minimising direct sunlight.

The shutters can be designed to fit any window space and can be made to fill either a whole or a half window - particularly popular for those with Victorian-style sash windows.

They can be commissioned to open in the middle or to one side of the window to suit your design preference. These are real designer chic; a must for functional contemporary furniture and style. They fold back in a "concertina" design and are available in a number of beautiful fretwork patterns, or just plain.

Measuring and fitting

We make each set of window shutters to the exact width and height that you give us, so you can choose whether to cover the whole window or just, say, the lower half of it (perhaps to mimic the effect of net curtains).

The fixing strip (on the outside of each set of leaves) is used to fix the screens to the side of the window. It's pre-drilled with fixing holes and can be fitted flat (inline with the screens) or sideways (at 90 degrees, into the window).

Bear in mind that the width you specify will include the fixing strips, so:

Fitting across a window

Here, the configuration has been set so that the inside edges of the fixing strips align with the edge of the window recess. This leaves the fretwork leaves to cover the maximum width of the window.

In this case, your width measurement should normally include the width of the window strips: each one is 30mm across, so for example if your window is 1000mm wide, set the overall width to 1060mm.

Fitting into a window recess

Here, the fixing strips fit sideways against the sides of the window recess. So if your window recess is 36 inches wide, set the overall width to 36 inches too.

Bear in mind that your window may not be perfectly square and you may want to make allowance for this when providing the measurements. In all cases we will make the unit to the exact sizes you give.

Customise any feature!


  • Any size: each one is made to fit your window;
  • Fix to left, right or both sides of the window with the supplied fixing strip(s);
  • Choice of fretwork designs or a plain (solid) design;
  • Choice of number of leaves.


  • Screens: 6mm thick;
  • Fixing strip(s): 30mm wide x 18mm thick;
  • Screens come pre-hinged so they will "concertina" flat to the side of the window.


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