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Shelving designed to fit to the left, right and above a window

Bespoke shelving suitable for anything

Store and display books, photographs, CDs, DVDs, vinyl, ornaments, heirlooms, trophies - anything!

Choose any example above, and order it as-it-is or use it as a starting point. Every unit is made to order, so you can have tall thin CD towers or a long flat unit to go above a doorway as part of a complete library system.

Remember that in addition to choosing the exact size of the whole unit you can also alter the number of sections, shelves and shelf positions.

Everything is designed to come together quickly and easily. All required fixings are supplied, along with full, personalised assembly instructions: all you'll need is a screwdriver.

Installing the unit

Each unit has a fixing strut running underneath the top board which you can use to fix the unit to the wall using rawlplugs or other suitable fixings. On larger units, mirror plates can be used to give further strength.

At the bottom of the unit there's a cutout at the back to help with fitting over skirting boards. Alternatively, each unit can be designed without the kickboard to be more suitable for wall-mounting, or to be placed above a window as in the picture here.

Customise any feature!

Size and style options

  • Width, height and depth of shelving all fully adjustable;
  • Shelves can be designed as evenly-spaced, graduated or set individually to suit any requirement;
  • Columns can be made equal width, or different widths;
  • Shelves can be different heights in different columns;
  • Plain or beaded edging on the shelf fronts and/or the verticals.


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