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Our dressers

Dresser in a garden room

For a complete storage solution, these made-to-measure dressers combine a base cupboard with customisable shelving above.

Because the dressers can be any size, they can fit anywhere: they can be made to any width you want (so they can fit along a wall, either side of a chimney breast or in an awkward alcove) and any height and depth as well. Design a narrow one to fill an awkward alcove, or go up to 3 metres wide as part of an entire library.

Just choose one of the designs above to get started, and remember that you can alter almost any detail you want: the shelves and their heights, the style of the doors, the height of the cupboard section, and how the unit will be fitted at each side.

Wider dressers can have two or more shelf and cupboard sections to help organise your storage. An attractive option is to leave the middle doors off a three-section cupboard to enhance the display, or for easy access to plates and tableware in a kitchen dresser.

Customise any feature!

Size options

  • Width, height and depth of cupboard and shelving section all independently customisable;
  • Number and height of shelves is customisable (inside the cupboards as well as the bookcase).

Style options

  • Choice of a dozen handles;
  • Fourteen styles of door: choose from fretwork, Shaker-style, slats or plain;
  • Left, right, or double-hinged doors;
  • Four patterns on the uprights either side of the doors;
  • Four skirting styles, each with or without Torus moulding.

Fitting options

  • Standard fitting for free-standing units (away from corners);
  • Side fitting options on either side (to fit into corners or across alcoves);
  • Side panel inset is adjustable with side fittings to cope with particularly deep skirting boards;
  • Skirting board height (and style) adjustable to match your room - make it 2cm higher than your room's skirting to aid fitting.


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