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Made-to-measure doors

A Jali made-to-measure door is perfect for finishing off kitchen units or for making an attractive cupboard door over an awkward alcove. Because the Jali Designer allows you to produce custom-made doors, you can make your design fit anywhere in the house.

Door panels are made from 18mm MDF with 6mm inset panels or grilles. The doors can have recessed holes in the backs for concealed hinges (of the sort commonly found in kitchen cabinet doors).

Doors can have more than one recessed panel in them, each designed to whatever size you want.

Door hinges

Brief version

We can drill hinge holes for you in the backs of the doors, although we don't supply the hinges themselves. You can change the size and position of our hinge holes to match the hinges you'll be using.

Further information

We can drill hinge holes into the backs of our doors to take concealed hinges (the sort of hinges you get in most kitchen cabinets). These holes are drilled 14mm deep into the backs of the doors.

You can adjust the size and position of these holes to match the hinges you'll be using. When you first press the Add button in the Jali Designer it will put two hinge holes 75mm from the top and bottom of the door to the centre of the hole, and with a 5mm gap between the edge of the hole and the door. Adjust these sizes to suit the hinges you'll be using. If you're replacing an old door, just measure the hinge holes in the old door (taking the hinges out first).

You can have more than two hinge holes by pressing the Add button again. This may be useful if the door is particularly tall or heavy.

At present, we don't supply hinges themselves: there are many, many different sorts used for lots of different door positions (overlaid on the front of the carcass, inset inside the carcass walls, double doors hinging onto the same carcass wall etc), different door thicknesses, different carcass wall thicknesses, standard or soft-close options - and so on. However, you should be able to find suitable hinges easily at an ironmonger's.

Product details

Door frame: 18mm thick;

Inset panel: 6mm thick, either Shaker-style or with a fretwork pattern;

Choice of twelve handles (supplied loose for you to fit);

Option to add two or more recessed hinge holes at variable distances from the edge of the door.


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