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Our bookcases

Books on a bookshelf

If, like us, you always need more shelf space then Jali has the solution for you! Whether it's a tall, thin bookcase to fit in an awkward alcove or a complete wall-to-wall library, there's a Jali made-to-measure bookcase design for you! Most are designed to be floor-standing, but they're also available without the skirting board if you want to mount them on a wall.

You can order any of the bookcases here as they are, but don't forget that you can customise any example and change the size, style and/or shelving. They can also be installed into corners, across alcoves, or either side of a chimney breast for a perfect, tailored fit whatever the situation.

Customise any feature!

Size options

  • Width, height and depth of bookcase all fully adjustable;
  • Widths up to 3 metres wide; two bookcases can be joined together to increase this.
  • Shelves can be designed as evenly-spaced, graduated or set individually to suit any requirement.

Style options

  • Three styles of top board moulding;
  • Four patterns on the uprights;
  • Four skirting styles, each with or without Torus moulding, as well as a no-skirting option.

Fitting options

  • Standard fitting for normal units away from corners;
  • Side fitting options on either side (to fit into corners or across alcoves);
  • Side panel inset is adjustable with side fittings to cope with particularly deep skirting boards;
  • Skirting board height (and style) adjustable; make the bookcase skirting board 2cm higher than your room's skirting to make fitting easier.


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